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Service Information

We provide a complete highly personalised management service for your investment properties, which include:
  • Thorough screening of tenants
  • Detailed in-going and out-going inspection reports
  • Full property photographs
  • Regular quarterly inspections, with a written report sent to you
  • Repair and Maintenance service
  • Detailed monthly statements
  • Full end of year financial reports
  • As members of Real Estate Institute of South Australia we use of all REISA documentation covering all legal requirements
  • 24 hour assistance

Internet Advertising

We have a great deal of success with advertising properties on our website: Many interstate and overseas prospective tenants have commented on the convenience of being able to logon to the internet and browse through the properties that are available to rent in the suburbs of their choice prior to their arrival in Adelaide

Ideas To Consider

The following are ideas for you to consider to help you maximise the potential of your investment property. Please remember that these are suggestions only and may not necessarily apply to you.
  • First Impressions are Lasting Impressions - Check that your property looks attractive from the street or you may find it difficult to get decent tenants in the front door.
  • Spring Clean - Tidy up, hold a garage sale and get rid of anything you don’t need.
  • Light - Light houses rent well, open curtains and turn on lights before inspections.
  • Smell - Have carpets cleaned and open windows before inspections. Fresh air smells the best.
  • Kitchen and Bathroom - The most important rooms in the house. Squeaky clean they must be.
  • Gardens - Prune trees and shrubs to a manageable state. Overgrown gardens give the impression of being too difficult to look after.
  • Outside - Spruce up the exterior by washing down or repainting. Clean guttering, brush away leaves and cobwebs.
  • Little Things - Fix all those "little things", the loose doorknob, the screen that won’t close or that leaky tap.
  • Cupboards - Clean out cupboards - storage space is a definite letting feature.
  • Choose The Right Letting Agent - Yes, it really does make a difference.

Tenant Selection

Because, like you, we want the best possible tenant for your property, our criteria for finding suitable tenants is strict and we make no apology for this approach. All prospective tenants complete an REISA Tenancy Application Form and supply proof of identity. This information is processed and all employment and previous landlords’ references are qualified. Once appropriate applicants have been established, we will contact you to discuss their suitability and finalise the tenancy.


We will prepare the Residential Tenancy Agreement in accordance with your instructions. We will lodge the bond with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal. This bond is held there until the end of the tenancy when a final inspection is conducted and the bond is released accordingly.

Landlord Protection Policy

We recommend that our Landlords have Landlord Protection Insurance. This is a comprehensive cover and is tax deductable. Our preferred Insurers are:
  • Terri Scheer ($295 p.a) approx
Listed below is an example of just some of the cover provided by the policies offered:
  • loss of rent,
  • malicious damage
  • unscheduled tenant departures
  • content insurance


The property can be viewed either at an open inspection or by a private appointment in the company of the Property Manager.


A thorough inspection is completed prior to a new tenant taking possession of the property. A written report is completed and records all relevant information including the condition and cleanliness of the property. Photographs, at no charge to you, are taken at this time and provide an excellent and indisputable record.


These inspections are conducted quarterly, with the first being carried out within 3-4 months of the new tenant taking possession. Should these inspections highlight any areas of concern, written notice will be given to the tenant identifying the problem areas and requesting them to rectify them before a second inspection is conducted. A written report will be forwarded to you following each quarterly inspection.


Accompanying our written acknowledgment of a tenant’s intention to vacate a property, is a copy of the final inspection guide. This guide has been prepared to assist tenants in preparing a property for the final inspection. This inspection is completed and compared with the original ingoing report and photographs. The inspection is often done in the presence of the outgoing tenant, allowing them the time and the opportunity to remedy any problems noted before an application is made for the release of the Bond.


Extreme care is taken when selecting tenants for the properties under our management. By rejecting applicants who are unable to meet our strict criteria our rental delinquency rate is almost zero, however, even the best screening methods can sometimes fail. A tenant’s situation may change which could alter their ability to maintain payments. If rent is in arrears the following standard procedure is initiated: 5 days overdue A telephone call is made directly to the tenant and/or a letter is sent to the tenant reminding them of their lease obligations. 10 days overdue A second telephone call is made directly to the tenant and an overdue notice is sent reiterating their lease obligations. 15 days overdue A termination notice is sent to the tenant requiring vacant possession within 7 days unless they remedy the rental arrears. If the rental arrears are not remedied, an application is made to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal to obtain an eviction for breach of lease conditions. In this situation our property manager attends on your behalf.

Monthly Statements

We will provide you with a detailed, easy to read statement, showing all income and expenditure.


Maintaining your rental property in good order makes sense, both for your rental income and your investment. It is our recommendation that Landlords authorise us to attend to minor repairs and maintenance up to the value of $200.00. This allows us to respond to maintenance issues quickly, however we do advise you either by telephone or mail, of actions taken. Should the cost of any maintenance work required exceed the specific amount as per the agency agreement and is not of an emergency nature, prior approval is sought from the landlord before any work is commenced. Urgent situations that arise outside of business hours are dealt with at the discretion of the Property Manager. We have an excellent database of qualified tradespeople whom we recommend and can use on your behalf. Their prices are very competitive, however, we are happy to use a contractor of your choice, should you prefer to do so.